Harvest Happy Hour at Aura in Portland Oct. 20th with the Maine Distiller's Guild

Harvest Happy Hour at Aura in Portland Oct. 20th with the Maine Distiller's Guild

Posted by Topher Mallory on Oct 20th 2017

Happy hour is just around the corner for one of Portland, Maine's annual fall foodie centric events and we could not be anymore excited to be participating!  

This fun, boozy event features sips of spirits from members of Maine Distiller's Guild. Four tasting bars will be set up with custom food pairings: brown goods and bacon, vodka and veggies, gin and smoked seafood, and more paired with barbeque at Aura in the heart of Portland.

Still not convinced, Harvest on the Harbor benefits Full Plates Full Potential. Your participation will help put an end to childhood hunger in Maine, how often can you say your Friday night drinking was philanthropic? 

This is our maiden voyage participating as Split Rock Distilling, so we spent a little time developing something extra special for our cocktail offering.  And of course testing it, and then testing it a little more, just because! 

The format has one constraint, the size of the cocktails can't exceed 1.5 ounces, in hopes that tasters can responsibly taste a few! 

So without further ado I present, our 'Mini' Double Rested! This will be a 1+ oz portion of our tasting room recipe! If you can't make the event, and are interested in making one on your own, here is the recipe:

Split Rock Double Rested

  • 2oz Barrel Rested SRD Organic Gin
  • 3-4 Dashes Coastal Root Coffee Bitters
  • 3/4 oz SRD ORganic Bourbon Barrel Rested Maple Syrup
  • Muddled OrganicOrange 

In addition we will be serving up neat samples of three of our organic spirits:

Organic Bourbon

Organic Horseradish Vodka

Organic Barrel Rested Gin

Look forward to seeing you at tonight's event, at Aura, 121 Center Street, Portland, Maine! Cheers

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