Split Rock Distilling Organic Barrel Gin

Split Rock Distilling Organic Barrel Gin

Posted by Topher Mallory on Oct 25th 2017

Split Rock Original Gin vs. Barrel Rested Gin

Hand and Bottle of SRD BArrel Rested GinOn October 6th, commemorating one year since our Grand Opening we released our first batch of Organic Barrel Rested Gin! With a 100% corn mash bill and at 90 proof bottle strength this Gin shares many similarities with our original Gin including our hand selected organic botanicals, what differentiates it is a healthy rest in our used Split Rock Oak Bourbon Barrels (accompanying photo of unlabeled bottles has our original Gin over our Barrel Gin waiting to be labeled, the color differences are as notable as the additional taste).  Trace notes from our Bourbon, a complimentary hint of sweetness and a seasonally appropriate autumnal hue make this a fitting Gin for fall in Maine! 

Batch 1 was aged in 5 gallon barrels and kept as a 'single batch' from start to finish (Organic Grain Lot from one farms Single Harvest, Complete Mash, Ferment, Distillation, Barrel Rest, Filtration, Bottling).  Being our first batch of Barrel aged Gin, we kept the entire batch directly behind our still all summer, and sampled it on a regular basis (see photo below, the orange barrel denotes the first fill).

Bottles are currently available in our tasting room at the distillery in Newcastle, Maine or area Maine retailers.