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We named Split Rock Distillery for a dirt road we travel often—the shortcut between our two homes. It’s the only shortcut we’ve ever taken to bring you Maine’s first organic spirits. When we founded Split Rock, we promised ourselves we would handcraft our spirits the right way. That meant the long way: authentic, small batch grain to glass, selling no spirit not our own. We spent evenings and weekends building a distillery and tasting room by hand in an old barn on historic Route One. We sourced organic grains and fruits from the fields of farmers we count as friends. We demanded organic sugars and drew waters so pure locals still harvest winter ice. We refined our fermentations again and again to showcase the unique signatures of our still. And through it all, we gathered knowledge, inspiration, a helping hand and an honest opinion from other distillers, family and friends, and every stranger fairly met. There is a real split rock on Split Rock Road and we still drive past it almost every day—a rough plug of granite, cracked open long ago by time or skill (or a little of both) to reveal an unexpected smoothness within. That is the spirit of Split Rock. —MATT AND TOPHER

New Sign on Route 1 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

New Sign on Route 1 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by Topher Mallory on Apr 28th 2020

New Split Rock Distilling Sign

Sometimes it is the little things in life that we get sentimental about! This past year we expanded our facility with an enormous new warehouse space that nearly tripled our square footage (overdue blog post coming), but it was the little act of rebuilding our sign by hand that struck the largest heart chord!

When we renovated the barn, we retro fitted the prior sign, simply churching it up with some black paint and a vinyl banner.On year two we added some solar lights to really spruce it up!

Over the last 4 years, our cheap fixer upper of a sign weathered countless UV charged summer days, many brutal winter storms and a fair charge of salty coastal air. By January of this year you could barely make out the lettering for Split Rock, but the rock still stood strong.

Old Sign Ripped Down

These past few weeks have been filled with production of hand sanitizer, and as we started up our curbside pickup, it became all to evident that our sign needed another makeover. 

Hands on Sign Repair

Rather than just use the old battered remnants, we ripped the sign down to the roots, keeping the original posts for our grounding.While rebuilding we recounted stories of the long journey that has brought us here today.Not an easy moment for any of us, but one that we will endure!

We salvaged the solar lights, we replaced all the wood with pressure treated stock that would weather the next few years, and tacked in place yet another vinyl sign!It is functional, not to flashy, and full of sentiments of where we have been and where we are headed!Hope it makes us a little easier to pick out as you are headed down Route 1.